G Herbo Explains Why Taina Blocked Him After Ari’s Party

Whenever you get blocked on social media, it generally means that something has gone seriously wrong in the relationship/friendship. If you haven’t set up proper communication boundaries with your partner, things may get toxic and when an argument happens, you reach for the block button. That appears to have happened between rapper G Herbo and his fiancée Taina Williams, with whom he shares his newborn son, Essex.

After G Herbo was spotted partying with his ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher this weekend, nosy fans noticed that Taina was no longer following Herb on Instagram. She clarified that nothing serious was happening and that she had simply blocked her fiancé temporarily. During his latest interview, Herb was asked about the blocking, explaining that their issues did not stem from his presence at Ari’s party.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

“Come on, man. Taina, nah, she don’t got me blocked [anymore], man,” said Herbo on Posted On The Corner. “I gotta talk to my baby, I gotta talk to both of my babies. That’s my baby and my baby that’s at home. It wasn’t an issue [that I went to Ari’s party.] She didn’t really feel a way about me going there, that’s just the narrative that people tried to create. She didn’t even block me for going there. She had blocked me for some shit I was trolling her about, me and her talking personally. She unblocked me, of course. Trust me, she didn’t really feel a way about that.”

People will surely have a close eye on G Herbo and Taina for the coming weeks because of this incident. Listen to his explanation below.