Gold Medal D-Bag: Olympic Music Composer Keigo Oyamada Resigns, Forced Disabled Boy To Masturbate And Eat Feces

This guy is 100% pure organic dumpster juice.

Source: Atsushi Tomura / Getty

For as much as people b!t¢h and complain about “cAnCeL cUltUrE” there are some people who absolutely, positively, unequivocally deserved to be canceled and never heard from again. Keigo Oyamada is one of those people.

According to TMZ, Oyamada has resigned from his position as one of the musical composers hired to orchestrate the opening ceremony at the 2021 Toyko Olympics. Why, you ask, has he resigned? Well, back in the 90’s Oyamada did an interview with a local television station and bragged about how he bullied a classmate. A disabled classmate.

Unprompted, Oyamada chuckled about how he forced this disabled classmate to masturbate in front of crowds of people and forced him to eat his own feces. We will not encourage violence, however, we will say that if we were to see Oyamada getting his a$$ beat we wouldn’t stop it, call the authorities, or in any way intervene with what God has in store for him. The interview has begun to resurface and he figured it was time to make a not so graceful exit from the hallowed international platform.

Oyamada — who writes under the name “Cornelius” and is popular in Japan for creating the Shibuya-kei beat — has apologized for his “very immature” behavior … and is backing out of the gig.

At this point, with all the controversy and tension surrounding the games, they might as well just #CancelTheOlympics.