Hazel-E Isn’t Letting Up On Cardi B In One-Sided Beef Over Princess Party

As Cardi B prepares for the release of her Normani collaboration “Wild Side” that’s slated to drop tonight, Hazel-E has continued her tirade against the rapper. This week, the former Love & Hip Hop star took to her social media to suggest that Cardi copied her style for Kulture’s lavish princess-themed birthday party. Both Cardi and Offset went all out for their baby girl’s third birthday celebration, including gifting the tot with a $250K Richard Mille watch.

Photos and images of the fun get-together were shared all over social media and didn’t go unnoticed by Hazel-E. She returned with subliminal shots toward Cardi, sharing photos of her one-year-old daughter’s princess birthday that took place just weeks ago.

Hazel-E was ridiculed by the public after people reminded her that having a princess party for a little girl is one of the most common themes, but she returned to Instagram today (July 15) to double down on her critiques. She detailed the decorations, food, and entertainers that she hired before going off on naysayers and bloggers who she alleges picked sides.

“If it looks like duck, walks like a duck, then guess what Quack Quack b*tches!” Hazel-E wrote. “This would have never trended, if it was baseless. I can’t go back and forth with this generation, I’m literally to old for this ish. The same little **** are the ones, who think snitching is ok, don’t drink water, treat scamming as a profession, running around without a mask in a pandemic, and rushing to get a vaccine to go outside no matter the side effects; always craving instant gratification.”

She added, “The era I come from, we give credit when it’s due… I’ve been thriving.” Meanwhile, Cardi has remained silent on the one-sided beef. Check out Hazel-E’s post below.