HER TRENDS: The Newest Statment Making Hair Hues For Fall with Saweetie, Nicki, and Megan

For most of us, the start of a new season always means a new look, and the girls or hip hop are getting in on the color change fun.   As with any artist, changing hair color is like changing an outfit it’s a part of the job and now that the leaves are changing and the air is getting crisp these girls are giving us the best hair color hues for fall.  


Saweetie teased a new color change with a carousel of selfies captioned “last day being a blonde .” on her Instagram page a color that she has been wearing all summer long.  And on Saturday  “Icy Bae” revealed her newest shade of ginger red.   Changing colors isn’t the only thing Saweetie’s Coming off the heels of her “Saweetie Meal” with McDonald’s and her latest collaboration with MAC cosmetics, the singer is now set to partner with the streaming service Netflix to host a special that’s all about sex-positivity. But Switching up hair colors is nothing new to the ‘Tap In” rapper as before summers blonde she was neon pink, cherry red and she’s even gone back to her natural black.  Will she settle on Ginger? Only time will tell. 

Two-Toned Shades

Megan’s glam team has been working overtime now that the rapper has been touring the world. With complete hair, nail,s and sexy outfits.  The latest look we are loving is the two tones black and green two-ponytail look she posted to her Instagram feed.  Complete with a swooping bang, baby hair, and green peeking out from underneath.  We are certain this won’t be the last two-toned color combination we see from Megan this season. 


Rocking a gorgeous statement-making purple, ombré wig, Nicki struck her best pose as the ends of the long wig draped the floor.

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