Icewear Vezzo Explains Why “Every Code Of The Streets” Has Been Broken In Rap

The current Rap game is a far cry from its origins, but audiences have accepted the various shifts the genre has undergone. There have been ongoing discussions about how the game has developed over the last few decades, and Icewear Vezzo has stated that “every street code has been broken in the Rap game.” He visited VladTV where he expounded on his thoughts and doubled down on his comment.

“You got n*ggas that’s rappin’ that told,” he said of “snitches” being successful in the industry. “Ain’t no way around it. N*ggas told. You got n*ggas that’s rappin’ that’s just, that’s attracted to the opposite gender and…” Vlad jumped in to correct him. “You mean the same gender?”

Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

“Same gender. That ain’t even nothin’ I would be judgmental over. I’m comfortable with who I am. I’m not…I don’t care about…you get what I’m sayin’? That sh*t don’t mean nothin’. I’ll talk to anybody. I don’t care how you look, how you dress, who you like, what’s your type. I don’t care,” Vezzo continued. “But, we talkin’ ’bout Rap, right? So, you know what I mean, it’s just been broken.”

The rapper also mentioned artists turning their backs on the people who have supported them while embracing new crews that aren’t reliable. “I could go on for days,” said Vezzo. “Absolutely every code of the streets have been broken in the Rap game. That’s why they not the same. They two different things. But the consequences and what comes, the same sh*t that comes with the streets, it comes with rappin’.”

Check out what else Icewear Vezzo had to say about the shift in Rap below.