Iggy Azalea Debuts A Controversial New Look In Her ‘I Am The Strip Club’ VideoIggy Azalea Debuts A Controversial New Look In Her ‘I Am The Strip Club’ Video

Iggy Azalea is gearing up for her third album, End Of An Era. She previously shared the Tyga-featuring single “Sip It,” and now she’s back with another preview, the fun and bouncy single “I Am The Strip Club.” She also shared a video for the track, which features the rapper dancing and having fun on the road, in the back of an 18-wheeler and an ATV.

She says on the hook, “Don’t need dark rooms / I am the strip club / Don’t need red lights / I am the strip club / I do the lap dance / I ride the pole up / I am the, the strip club.” That lines up with how Azalea explained the song back in April, writing on Twitter, “The concept of the song ‘iam the strip club’ is basically about the fact that YOU ARE the good time. You don’t need to be in a club to be that lit.”

More recently, she wrote of the track on Instagram, “This song is really special to me – Seriously! […] This is my art, it makes me happy creating it and gives me purpose – So I hope someone is out this weekend dancing to this song! Your support matters to me so much I hope I can make everyone proud!”

For part of the video, Azalea is seen sporting black hair and skin that some people on Twitter think was intentionally made to look darker than her natural skin tone. After the video was released, in response to a compliment about her hair, Azalea noted that she’s retiring the black wig.

since when she that shade https://t.co/cJHYvFInzi

— Craig Bro Dude (@CraigSJ) July 2, 2021

Literally It’s the only time I’m ever doing it! https://t.co/ywMbgBw3qJ


Azalea also thanked the people involved in making the video, saying, “I wanted to give a big Thankyou to @yeah_thas_me for bringing my music to life with his choreography as well as to all the dancers in this video… You guys made the video next level! I also want to give a giant Thankyou to @smashstunts for bringing together a group of amazing female riders for this video! Watching you guys handle those bikes with Eaze on those dark winding roads really blew my mind. You girls are amazing!”

Watch the “I Am The Strip Club’ video above.