“Jackass” Star Bit By Shark After Botched Stunt For “Shark Week”

In honor of Shark Week, one of Jackass’ newest members, Sean “Poopies” McInerney, attempted to jump over a group of sharks while riding a paddleboard, but he was unable to go fast enough and ended up falling into the water. He says in a new vlog for his YouTube channel that he was bit on the hand and was scared for his life.

“I knew I got bit, if I didn’t get bit I thought I would get attacked by six more sharks, and luckily I didn’t,” Poopie says while fighting back tears in the video. “I just got my hand bit. Scariest thing of my life. I couldn’t really say much, I was in shock.”

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

He ended up suffering artery and tendon damage from the incident. Poopie says he told the driver to go too slow during the run-up to the ramp.

“He would be fucking dead if they didn’t dive on him as fast as they did,” Steve-O said. “Jesus, he got wrecked by a shark…for a ‘Shark Week’ episode.”

Chris Pontius added that it was a harsh reminder of how dangerous their work is: “It’s a reminder that yeah, like, we are pushing it pretty hard. And this could happen, of course.”

Check out Poopie’s vlog below.