Jake Paul Says He’ll Knock Out The Game For Charity

Like him or not, Jake Paul is making a pretty interesting transition from his career as one of the most popular YouTubers on the platform to an actual boxer. He’s currently 3-0 and recently announced a date for his match against Tyron Woodley. There’s been criticism about his winning streak but he’s determined to prove himself in the ring, whether against another celebrity or an established fighter.

Al Bello/Getty Images

It was a few months ago when The Game chimed in on Paul’s winning streak. Instead of getting in the ring, The Game offered to fight Jake and Logan Paul alongside his brother in front of the Staples Center. “Yerrr, @jakepaul, @LoganPaul…. meet me & my little brother downtown LA in front of staples center and let’s just fight head up fades…. no gloves, no money needed…. just on some me & my brother will f*ck you & your brother up shit,” The Game wrote on Instagram.

Jake Paul immediately fired back on Twitter, telling the L.A. rapper that he would get “knocked the fucked out.” And it seems he still feels that way. During a recent appearance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Jake Paul doubled down on his claims. 

“The Game was talking smack. I might just knock him out for charity,” Paul said. “Look, as fast as the lawyers and managers can get these deals done, I’m getting in the ring and knocking these guys out. ‘Cause they’re just bags. I see giant bags of Monday in the middle of the ring and I’m going to pick it up.”

No word from The Game but we’ll keep you posted if he responds.