Jazmine Sullivan Trends After Leaking Her Fans’ Darkest Secrets

Vocal powerhouse Jazmine Sullivan got really messy this week, revealing some of her fans’ deepest and darkest secrets after they submitted them to her Instagram Stories. Some of the submissions were so wild that Sullivan started trending soon after posting them.

Asking her followers to dish out some dirt, Jazmine Sullivan wrote, “It’s that time again. Tell me a secret you’ll never tell your partner.”

While some of the answers were surely pretty tame, many of the ones she chose to highlight were absolutely wild. Some people brought up Trick Daddy-approved salad-tossing secrets, while others admitted they hated their engagement rings, but everybody came with some shady secrets for us all to enjoy. 

Paul R. Giunta/Getty Images

“You thought you played me but I had already cheated first,” admitted one person, to which Jazmine responded with a GIF of Prince shaking his head.

“I think he’s a little bit ugly like his mom and I’m glad we don’t have kids together,” said another in savage fashion.

“All their IG notifications come to my phone that’s why they don’t be seeing their DMs,” said someone else.

“I didn’t know if our baby was his at first,” said another woman.

“I was catching his daddy nut before I was catching his,” admitted somebody.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

We told you, it got downright crazy in Jazmine Sullivan’s submissions. Have a look through some of the best reactions below, as well as some highlights.