Jim Jones Warns Swizz Beatz & Diddy Ahead Of “Verzuz”

The pre-Verzuz back-and-forths are rare in hip-hop, at least among the competitive MCs. Bow Wow and Soulja Boy’s Verzuzis a great example. For weeks, they were going at it, even before they cemented a date to find out who has the better hits. So, when it came down to two groups who came from an era of battling on the block, there was no doubt that a spectacle will be leading up to the events.

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Jim Jones and Styles P have been serving as the de facto shit-talkers for Dipset and The LOX, respectively. Over the week, Styles P tweeted that he’s confident that The LOX would hold down Verzuz on Aug 3rd before Dipset can. This ultimately led to Jim Jones brashly boasting that Madison Square Garden is “Capo’s House.” Styles later responded but things got even more heated since then.

Not only is Jones confident that Dipset can outrap the LOX but he’s apparently even more confident that he can do more pull-ups than both Styles P and Jadakiss, who recently showed off his Olympic-level athleticism. “Somebody ask Styles if they want to bring a pull-up bar on stage, too, so I can smoke all three of them,” he said. “While I smoke all three of them, I’ll be smoking on this LOX pack, real quick.”

The ever-gentlemanly Styles P kept it cordial, even in terms of acknowledging Jim Jones’ excellent fitness regime. However, he made it clear that regardless of his swag or healthy lifestyle, “there will be no immunity for the Set.”

“That drip and muscles ain’t gonna stop this slaughtering. You just gonna be drippy and in good shape while [you] get slaughtered,” Styles wrote. “I gotta go figure by someone lined my homies up? What did they do to have someone set them up for the finish ’cause they about to get this work.”

The banter continued in the comment section where Jim Jones fired back at Styles P and seemingly attempting to revoke their status as true New Yorkers. “Y’al ain’t even from the bit yal from he burbs that is not uptown Harlem,” he wrote before adding that it’s all love except on Aug. 3rd when they’ll be forced to be sworn enemies for 24 hours. “It’s up I ain’t scared of no ghost n***a, I’m a ghost buster,” he added.

Styles clapped back immediately at Jones claim that The LOX is from the suburbs. He explained that regardless of where they’re from, they’ve continued to hold a firm grip on the streets. “And still the most street respected group in the world. Good in every hood! Can stand on everyone’s block WITH NO SECURITY not just ny, not just America but worldwide,” he said. “I ain’t scared of vampires either… I’m a LYCAN.”

Ultimately, Jones chimed in and told everyone from Swizz Beatz to Diddy to remain neutral throughout the Verzuz, even if they do have ties to The LOX. 

“Some of th people I considers friend r turning against me lol it’s up wit the whole bad boy too on aug 3rd @diddy I love u big bro but u better stay out of this u on a love misssion it ain’t no love on aug 3rd it’s up n stuck,” Jones wrote before addressing the Verzuz co-founder. “Ps @therealswizzz if u try something slick for ur crew it’s up wit u too lol.”

What concluded the exchange was a product plug. Jones wasn’t lying when he said that he was going to be smoking “The LOX” pack. The rapper revealed that Saucey Extracts is dropping a “new strain” called LOX Pack on Aug. 3rd. However, Styles P also let it be known that the Byrd Brains pack was also coming through in time for Verzuz

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