JMSN Drops Off Sprawling “Love 2 U”

As we hypothesized, it appears a new season of JMSN has begun. The low-key artist returned in April after a lengthy hiatus with “Rolling Stone,” seemingly a teaser of new music to come. Just last week, that proved correct with the release of a sprawling, 8-minute long ballad titled “Love 2 U.”

Today, the artist returns to the complete the sound with the visual component. What starts as a close-up of JMSN strumming the guitar, and a profile of the man himself, soon erupts into a ball of fire and we’re transitioned into a psychedelic scene, where back-lit women dance slowly to the music and JMSN is a bleach blond floating, smoking, and sometimes spinning head. 

The song contains a guitar solo after JMSN’s high-pitched crooning swells and subsides, and it’s the guitar solo that really dominates and dictates the record– it occupies the majority of it, in fact. JMSN goes against the youth-driven 2-minute-song norm and that’s really not all too surprising, considering the artist’s sound matures yearly– not just in the sense that JMSN is getting physically older (duh), but in the sense that, with each new album he releases, he seems to dig deeper into the popular sounds of the past– creating his own vintage brand of r’n’b. 

Check out this new record and let us know what you think. More r’n’b on our R&B SEASON playlist right here

Quotable Lyrics

You know the sun’s rising
Our batteries dying
We both should be rational
But that ain’t happen yet