Joe Budden Reflects On A Tumultuous Year During “Rant Mode”

Joe Budden has been at the forefront of podcasting with his self-titled show. It became a Spotify exclusive, propelling the brand further but that deal ultimately fell apart. In retrospect, it was the beginning of a downfall. The show lost its two co-hosts, Rory and Mal, which appears could be leading to legal troubles. Plus, the sexual harassment allegations made by Olivia Dope made plenty of his day-one fans turn against him. 

Brian Ach/Getty Images

Earlier today, Joe Budden took to his Instagram Story where he aired out his grievances which seemed to be rooted in the departure of his former co-hosts. “N***as be mad that you not mad at them being mad… that’s the maddening party,” he wrote on his Story. He added that he’s not mad at anyone in particular but simply looking after his own best interests when it comes to his life. 

“Every day I listen to complaints from ppl & i just shut up and listen… but it’s EVERY DAY AND ALL DAY NOTHING BUT COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE SMALLEST SHIT IN THE WORLD!!!! BUt you can’t say that cuz that’s gaslighting… well you know what else I never say?” he wrote in a subsequent post before revealing a long list of personal problems that he’s been dealing with behind closed doors.

“6 months into the year I’ve lost millions of dollars, friends, 3 of my ppl purposefully transitioned, my enemies have scouting programs, the Interet cares about all mental health but mine, I’m rebuilding on the fly and I”m being sued by ppl i tried to help that you can’t sue back cuz for what… And I never utter a word about any of it,” he wrote. “And somehow, miraculously, by the grace of God and God only…. IM DOING BETTER THAN EVER!!!!”

Check out Budden’s post below.