Joe Budden Refutes Claims That He Switched Up

It’s been a year filled with highs and lows for Joe Budden. Probably the biggest loss to take place was the departure of the two original co-hosts of the Joe Budden podcast. Budden publicly dismissed them from their positions on the show. However, the falling out had an inevitable impact on the show’s popularity and its audience who don’t seem to be looking at Joe Budden the same way.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

It seems that the controversy hasn’t forced him to distance himself from social media, even if his mentions are constantly in shambles. Today, he was in the midst of a friendly exchange over his choice of Starbucks over Dunkin Donuts. It took a stark turn left when a former fan put Budden on blast for apparently changing up. 

“Nah, you definitely changed, switched up on day ones, went against everything you been standing on the last like 3 years at least, sad to see it,” the fan tweeted.

Not one to ignore the negativity, Joe Budden swiftly fired back and highlighted some of the things that he’s done for others in recent years. “You mean i put everybody on, created a pathway to 8 figure success, took on any corporation that got in the way, hired Black men and women, gave everybody raises when licensing deals ended & kept everyone employed in a global pandemic, independently.. I’m sure that’s what u meant,” Budden replied.

Check out Joe’s response below.