Kanye West Fans Recreate Chicago Listening Party At Childhood Home

Out of all three listening parties, Kanye’s DONDA event in Chicago was certainly the most elaborate. Sure, the second party included a levitating ‘Ye ascending into “heaven” a.k.a. the roof of the Mercedes Benz Stadium but the third party centered around a replica of his childhood home. The rapper’s third listening event in Chicago also included some unexpected company, namely DaBaby and Marilyn Manson. Surprisingly, Tory Lanez wasn’t invited to the stage.

 Brian Prahl/MEGA/GC Images

As more friends came out for ‘Ye, a group of fans reenacted the entire event at Kanye West’s actual childhood home. Comedian Marvin G Barry and his crew dropped a spoof of the event which has gone viral. The spoof shows Barry as Kanye West as a group of his friends hang out on the porch of Kanye’s childhood home, masks and all, as they “perform” a rendition of “Jail.” No instrumental to back them, another person is heard in the background mimicking the sounds of the guitar with his voice. Funny enough, there’s even a friend that was tagged to take on the role of Marilyn Manson. 

Kanye West apparently wanted to bring his actual childhood home to the event. According to Chicago Sun-Tribune, Kanye West and his crew resorted to building a replica after the city’s Building Department said that he would require more permits to be able to bring his actual house to the Soldier Field.