Kanye West Previewed A New Song Featuring Baby Keem And Fans Can’t Wait To Hear It

Baby Keem hasn’t put out a lot of music since rumbling the earth with his breakout single “Orange Soda” in 2019, but each of his subsequent single releases has increased the anticipation for more new music from the 20-year-old mystery man. With his latest appearance, that anticipation is reaching a fever pitch, and the song featuring that appearance isn’t even out yet.

Over the weekend, Kanye West supposedly played a bunch of new music at a listening event in Las Vegas (where Keem was raised), and when a clip of a song featuring Keem previewed hit Twitter, fans understandably went a little ballistic.

How big is Baby Keem with The Youths ? Dude’s gotten cosigns from Drake, Kendrick, Kanye, Travis Scott and maybe I’m out the loop but it doesn’t feel like he’s really taken off yet. Die For My Bitch is a really really good album too. https://t.co/xJnPZME7BA

— America is musty (@DragonflyJonez) July 19, 2021

Baby Keem gonna be on the Kanye album pic.twitter.com/QdIkALF9aY

— Two Straws Jr (@teadestroyer) July 19, 2021

Kanye & Baby Keem ohhhh my

— Chunky Finster (@Pitch__Please) July 19, 2021

Baby Keem on Ye new album? … yea bruh, say hello to superstardom. That’s the final stamp needed!

— Bobby Grand (@Bobby_Grand) July 19, 2021

Kendrick quit rap to mentor Baby Keem full time https://t.co/3wpW8aTuVE

— 6lack Star (@PodcastDemand) (@Jaywop6) July 19, 2021


— Matuté (@IamMatute) July 19, 2021

The co-sign from Kanye is unsurprising for those fans who’d been following Keem’s rise. He’s already got songwriting credits on the Black Panther soundtrack and Beyonce’s companion album for Disney’s The Lion King remake, with connections to Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s pgLang offering a possible explanation. In addition, he’s called Kid Cudi a major influence and featured Travis Scott on his most recent single “Durag Activity.” Both artists were mentored by West and signed to his label GOOD Music at points, and Kanye collaborated with Kid Cudi on 2019’s Kids See Ghosts. However, some fans still expressed confusion at the young rapper’s inclusion due to his apparently short time in the spotlight.

bro someone gon have to explain how keem got a scott feature n now on kanye album with only 1 song that’s blown. now i love baby keem as much as the next guy but it’s still pretty wild https://t.co/TumLPs4gch

— Tomisin, the internet nigga (@tomiboxers) July 19, 2021

I just wanna know how baby keem back this poppin lol first Kendrick and now kanye https://t.co/4JZi1FTxzN

— Allan Houston (@MannyUSoDope) July 19, 2021

Baby Keem is everything that old people think young people like, but whenever I show people Keem they’ve never heard of him. Idk why there’s such a disconnect https://t.co/YtTdLIY69U

— ant (@soflogemstone) July 19, 2021

Baby Keem might be the best industry planet to ever grace this planet dawg ass ain’t did shit but be Kendrick cousin https://t.co/gIMJlCGV5P

— baker mayfield (@BakerGoatfield) July 19, 2021

Meanwhile, Keem has slowly built up his repertoire since appearing on the 2020 XXL Freshman cover, releasing videos for “Hooligan” and “No Sense” in addition to “Durag Activity.”