Kevin George Drops New Track “All In My Head”

Kevin George brings the heat with his own eclectic sound. His new track, “All In My Head,” continues to deliver that unique vibe that George has come to be known for.  His new release is the latest single released ahead of George’s upcoming EP, Everybody’s In My Ear. 

The song consists of an upbeat, guitar-driven production that sonically blends modern hip hop along with an early 2000s pop-rock sound. Over the bright composition, Kevin George rap-sings lines about falling out with a romantic interest. “I put you on…Singing these songs, how I met you, I’m wrong…Singing these songs, girl you know gave me a home,” George croons rhythmically. 

Johan Lenox drops in for an assist on “All In My Head.” In the second verse, he sings the lines “I worry too much…Am I wastin’ my time? I’m gonna be sad for the rest of my life…But, it’s okay, okay.”

Take a listen and sound off about Kevin George’s latest release.

Quotable Lyrics:

It’s all in my head
Put you to bed
You won’t forgive me for the things I said
Let’s put it to rest
I know you’re upset