Kid Cudi Didn’t Hear Final Mix Of His Kanye West Collab Until The “DONDA” Listening Party

Kid Cudi may have previously denied his involvement in Kanye West’s long-awaited (and three-times delayed) tenth studio album DONDA, but fans who tuned into Yeezy’s second live-streamed DONDA listening event last night noticed rather quickly that the Man On The Moon made the cut after all. Surprisingly, DONDA has been significantly extended from the rough draft that Ye presented to fans in Atlanta on July 22, and one of the new tracks features Kid Cudi.

According to Uproxx, the last-minute preparations for DONDA were so down to the wire that Ye’s Kids See Ghosts collaborator had yet to even hear the final version of their latest collaboration until it played during the live stream on Thursday night.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Surprisingly, Kid Cudi is more “a man of the people” than fans originally thought, as he hit Twitter to reveal that he too felt the excitement that many of his fans were feeling during the DONDA listening party. “Havent heard the final this is new to me too!!” Kid Cudi exclaimed in one tweet.

Unlike his infamous “Guilt Trip” feature on Yeezus, however, Cudi reveals that he was more than aware that he would be on Kanye’s latest album. Clarifying that he did in fact know of his involvement on DONDA, Cudi explained the situation to a fan by saying, “I knew! Just didnt hear final mixes.”

According to Uproxx, the song is reportedly called “Moon” and also includes vocals from Don Tolliver, although it seems like even those details might be subject to change before the album is actually finally released. As of now, fans are still patiently awaiting the release of DONDA, and although no one can be certain when it will arrive, at least fans can look forward to a new Kanye West and Kid Cudi collab.