Kraft’s Mac & Cheese Ice Cream Flies Off Of Shelves

It seems one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, after all. The unlikeliest of collaborations of two very different foods has proved extremely successful just one hour after it released as 2,000 units of mac & cheese ice cream sold out on Wednesday. The unique product comes at the collaborative hands of Kraft Mac & Cheese and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream for national Mac & Cheese day on July 24th.

Noam Galai/Getty Images for The World Around

Everyone loves mac and cheese, and everyone loves ice cream, but nobody could’ve expected the website for the unthinkable concoction would crash within 9 minutes of release due to overwhelming traffic. While the 2,000 pints allotted for online sale sold out, the 9,000 pints sold at Van Leeuwen’s flagship stores only took three hours to deplete. 

Twitter users flocked to the app to give the ice cream mixed reviews and express concern over the conflicting flavors. Lucky users that received a pint were surprised at how much they enjoyed the product. “We regret to inform you that Van Leeuwen’s Kraft mac and cheese ice cream is very good,” food newsletter Eater tweeted. “It actually wasn’t too bad,” said another user, joined by another who said, “regret to report the mac and cheese ice cream is actually really great.”

Other’s were simply disgusted by the thought of the ice cream. “I’m disappointed in everyone who bought the mac and cheese ice cream today,” was one user’s reaction. Another said, “I have zero interest in mac and cheese ice cream.” And an overly dramatic ice cream enthusiast added, “i’m going to cry why is mac and cheese flavored ice cream a thing.”

Would you try Mac & Cheese ice cream? Do you think it would be good? Check out the announcement and reactions below: