Lil Baby’s BM Jayda Cheaves Was Arrested On Gun Charges In Jamaica, Says She’s “Good For Now”

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

According to DanceHallMag the mother of rapper Lil Baby’s son Jayda Cheaves, and a member of her entourage, Gregory Wright, have been charged with illegal possession of firearms and ammunition after two guns and 15 bullets were found in their possession. 24-year-old Jayda was leaving Jamaica after celebrating her birthday with friends when the arrest was made. Reportedly, they were about to depart the Sangster Airport when the weapons were found.

Although Jayda snagged herself a private jet, authorities still uncovered two firearms, specifically, 9mm pistols. “We ascertain that the two weapons were license and registered in the US, but not in Jamaica which is where the problem arise,” authorities reported stated to Urban Islandz. The publication added that “the police confirmed that Jayda and her friends are being interviewed by the St James police in the presence of their attorneys.” The two are on bail and booked to appear in the Western Regional Court on Wednesday.

Just last week, Jayda visited the Ice Box jewelry store in Atlanta, where she copped some serious jewels for herself. In an ironic twist, she was filmed carrying her weapon leaving the store, seemingly for her own protection while carrying the expensive items.

Here’s the clip of Jayda carrying her pistol, which is illegal to take out of the country, flying private or not.

lmaoo jayda keep it on her

— K. (@canaryies) September 23, 2021

In an update, Jayda told fans she’s “good for now.”