Lil Gnar Doesn’t Want “No Regular”

Lil Gnar has laced fans up with a new single called “No Regular.” The poppy single finds Gnar auto-tune crooning about his exceptional life. Braggadious and boastful, “No Regular” suffers from a monotonous concept but provides a fun Summer track to bop to. 

The beat for “No Regular” is the best part of the track. Produced by Evertime, LostKidSamy, and KP Beatz, “No Regular” is packed with a mutating synth and reverberating percussions. The electronic spiraling of the instrumental can be dizzying at times, but is still fun to turn up to. Lil Gnar drops one verse about his lavish life, opting to keep the single short. 

Quotable Lyrics
Cactus plant all on my Forces (Cactus)
These ain’t no regular kicks (Nah)
V12, you hearin’ the horses (Skrrt)
This ain’t no regular whip (Dig)
Exotic, my weed is imported (Za)
This ain’t no regular spliff