Lil Wayne Said “Sorry 4 Tha Wait” With Hard-Hitting Anthem “Rollin”

If you poll a hefty number of rap fans, it’s likely that a fair few would confidently name Lil Wayne the “best rapper alive.” Unsurprisingly, given how much work the Young Money legend put in on the mixtape circuit, mercilessly destroying the instrumentals of his fellow emcees. In fact, Wayne’s determination to raise the bar for bars — a testament to his Jordan-like competitive spirit — was often most evident on his storied run of tapes, a catalog that includes the fan-favorite Sorry 4 The Wait.

Originally released ten years ago (its anniversary was yesterday), Sorry 4 The Wait was originally released to tide fans over amidst a slew of Carter 4 delays. Featuring beats jacked from Meek Mill, Drake, Kreyshawn, Adele, Miguel, and more, one of the project’s hardest songs came by way of a Gunplay and Waka Flocka flip. “Rollin,” a hard-hitting highlight in the tape’s early stages, finds Wayne at his most intimidating. “My Pa is the Birdman, I’m rich as a white man,” he spits. “I come to your show and kill you and your hypeman.”

If you’re interested in revisiting the tape, as well as taking a stroll down memory lane when HNHH was the plug for mixtape downloads, check out the ten-year-old Sorry 4 The Wait below. You can also give “Rollin” a listen, retitled in the embed as “Clap City” so a verified page could be used. Where do you rank this one in Lil Wayne’s overall catalog?


I’m from New Orleans, ni*ga, where you ain’t never safe
You fuck with me, I drop you off in front of Heaven gates
Okay, jump off a building, jump out a window
Smoke like a junkie and fuck like a nympho
Drink like a goldfish, that’s right, you know this
Hold up, Click-clack, Okay, I’m reloaded!