Logic Sings His Heart Out On “My Way”

Many rappers have followed the wisdom of the legendary trailblazer Frank Sinatra, who famously declared “I did it my way” and made history in the process. Today, Logic has made a similar claim, albeit in a vastly different fashion from the crooner. With his comeback in full swing and playing out one song at a time, the briefly retired artist has opted to explore uncharted musical territory on “My Way.”

Setting a tone with a passionate, slightly autotuned vocal performance, Logic’s latest might prove a little bubblegum for those hoping to see some bars. Yet part of what’s making Logic’s new music so refreshing is his complete unwillingness to conform. “I’m on ten, homie, I’m on ten,” he belts. “Just me and my family and all my friends / We gon’ do it all the way ’til the fuckin’ end / I’ma do it my way, I won’t ever bend.”

That’s not to say he’s lost his rapper’s edge, throwing in a few heavyweight flexes for good measure. “If you got my money then you do it your way,” he taunts, before sliding into his second and final verse. Check out “My Way” now, and sound off if you’ve been enjoying this new direction from Logic.


This for everybody at the party goin’ crazy
All that bullshit don’t phase me
On the dancefloor bumpin’ Jay-Z
Sip a lil’ somethin’ then the night got hazy