Lul Tim, Suspect In King Von’s Murder Case, Denies Targeting Lil Durk

The investigation into King Von’s death is active as Timothy Leeks, known as Lul Tim, has been charged with the late rapper’s murder. Months ago, Leeks, who is good friends with Quando Rondo, was released on bond and since that time, he’s been working on his Rap career while, for the most part, steering clear of controversy.

Yet, the scandal has followed him considering he’s been named as Von’s alleged killer and the public has been pitting Quando Rondo against Lil Durk. Recently, a video circulated online that showed Leeks inside of a vehicle and people took to social media to say he was acting as if he was running up on Lil Durk because it sounded as if Leeks said the Chicago rapper’s name.

However, after the clip went viral, Leeks was inundated with comments and messages, but he returned to clarify that he wasn’t speaking about Lil Durk, at all. “Didn’t even say that man name my partna name Dirt,” Leeks wrote on his Instagram Story.

“Stop Clout Chasing fan page before I come catch you.” Earlier this month, Leeks stated that he was unable to share one of his music videos because his attempts were being thwarted. “Damn I can’t drop the video due to somebody telling the judge,” he explained at the time. 

Check out Lul Tim’s recent controversial viral video as well as his response to the rumors below.