Megan Fox Says She Made A Pros & Cons List Before Dating Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox says that she made a pros and cons list before she started dating Machine Gun Kelly. The two have been inseparable in the public eye since they began dating last year.

“When I met [him], I knew instantly that this is a soul I’ve traveled with before, that this was a soul-mate connection, and that there was a purpose here,” she explained in a new interview with Who What Wear. “There was my logical brain chiming and being like, ‘This will never work for 101 reasons.’ I knew — I could feel that some wild sh– was going to happen to me from that meeting, but I wasn’t yet sure what. I just felt it like, deep in my soul — that something was going to come from that,” Fox said of meeting MGK.

Alex Menendez / Getty Images

Despite the instant connection, she still wrote out all of the pros and cons. She didn’t reveal what specifically she jotted down.

Kelly recently admitted that he had a poster of Fox in his room growing up. He also explained to GQ that dating Fox has helped him realize who he is as a person. “I still was trying to be somebody else, and now I’m kind of like, ‘I’ve found who I am,'” he said in a new interview with the outlet. “It took me having a partner to realize that who I am on the red carpet is also who I am in the house now.”