Michael Jackson's Niece Genevieve Jackson In The Studio With Gepetto Jackson aka King Ahki & Grammy Producer Roccstar [Jmacenterprises Unlimited LLC]


Major Sponsor by Jmacenterprises Unlimited LLC. Last Week Mr. Worldstar R&b Himself did 1.5 Million views on his last video. We had the chance to reach out to Gepetto and he is finally free from prison and tells us that he will release 17 more videos On Worldstar of his old footage while he prepares for his next Iconic move. He continues to deny that he is a Jackson and he explains that the Superstar Tmz Producer Roccstar is a close friend of his. It wouldnt of been possible with out him. He thanks Genevieve for the major co sign and explains that the beat was actually produced by Destyn Hill from patterson New Jersey. He just wrote the song along with Roccstar but Gepetto is also a producer though… We are looking forward to all the content that Gepetto has to put out and even though negative feed back has come his way he still is the biggest topic of WorldstarHipHop. Welcome Home Gepetto

Roccstar: Ig https://www.twitter.com/RoccStar

Genevieve: Ig https://www.twitter.com/Genevievejaxn

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