Milwaukee Bucks Defeat Phoenix Suns To Become 2021 NBA Champions

It’s official: the Milwaukee Bucks are this year’s NBA champions. The midwest state faced off against the Phoenix Suns in the Finals, but in Game 6 this evening (July 20), Giannis Antetokounmpo helped lead the team to victory with a score of 105 to 98. This was a monumental win for the Bucks as there was a point in time when it was unclear if Antetokounmpo would rejoin the team following his injury during the Eastern Conference Finals against the Hawks.

Antetokounmpo, 26, was bestowed the title of becoming the NBA Finals MVP, making him the youngest player to earn the credit since a then-22-year-old Kawhi Leonard snagged the crown back in 2014.

Jonathan Daniel / Staff / Getty Images

The Bucks haven’t earned themselves a title since 1971, so unsurprisingly, fans lined the streets in anticipation of a celebratory night. After the win was officially declared, Bucks fans across the nation lit up with excitement. LeBron James took to Twitter to celebrate along with the Bucks and he was clearly impressed with Antetokounmpo yet again.

“Greek Freak is HOOPING!!!!!!!” he wrote. “Salute & Congrats @Giannis_An34 !! You earned that sh*t!!” Immediately following the Bucks’ win, basketball fans quickly took to social media to debate the future of Chris Paul’s career, causing the Suns star to trend online. People have been once again speaking about Paul’s ongoing beef with referee Scott Foster who officiated tonight’s game. There have also been debates regarding whether or not Paul should make his way to the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Check out a few celebratory posts about the Milwaukee Bucks’ win below. Congratulations!