Mixtape Monday: ZelooperZ, Melly-Mel x Tone Spliff, MidaZ The BEAST, Taelor Gray, pretty ghetto + More

ZelooperZ, Melly-Mel x Tone Spliff, MidaZ The BEAST, Taelor Gray, pretty ghetto and more this Mixtape Monday.

ZelooperZ is up first this week with Van Gogh’s Left Ear, Melly-Mel & Tone Spliff are New People, MidaZ The BEAST gets busy on LIVENIGGARAP, Taelor Gray drops Remember The Sabbath and pretty ghetto is on deck with INJURY NOGRACE.

Tef Poe drops Crow Life 3, The Historian follows with Red Money and Kiezin is back with The JB EP. Madhattan is in the mix with Sink or Swim, Shitao delivers Mono and goldenbeets is the Sommelier. DJ Invasion takes Planet Asia and Madlib to The MADPLANET and DJ Filthy Rich closes this week with a 25th anniversary tribute to Jay-Z‘s Reasonable Doubt.


ZeelooperZ – Van Gogh’s Left Ear


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One year after Valley Of life, ZeelooperZ takes another electric excursion with the release of Van Gogh’s Left Ear.

Van Gogh’s Left Ear by ZelooperZ

Melly-Mel x Tone Spliff – New People

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South Africa and L.A. connect as Melly-Mel & Tone Spliff deliver classic material on the boom-bap-inspired collaborative album New People.

New People by Melly-Mel & Tone SpliffMidaZ The BEAST – LIVENIGGARAP

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MidaZ The BEAST drops a heater on behalf of Orlando with the release of LIVENIGGARAP produced entirely by Sharp.


Taelor Gray – Remember The Sabbath

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Following New Peace, Taelor Gray delivers sharp observations about faith and fellowship on Remember The Sabbath.


pretty ghetto – INJURY NOGRACE

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Pulling inspiration from MF DOOM and Gorillaz, pretty ghetto is colorful and raw on his latest titled INJURY NOGRACE.

Tef Poe – Crow Life 3

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Two months after Crow Life 2, Tef Poe gives another flawless lyrical demonstration over dope tracks on Crow Life 3.

CROW LIFE 3 by Tef Poe

The Historian – Red Money

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Rising PA producer The Historian links with Flashius Clayton and Vic Spencer for a short excursion on the Red Money EP.

Red Money by The Historian, Flashius Clayton, Vic Spencer

Kiezin – The JB EP

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Dropping a gem for the skaters and steppers, Kiezin adds his own touch to the sounds of The Godfather of Soul on The JB EP.

The JB EP by Kiezin

Madhattan – Sink or Swim

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Repping NYC, Madhattan follows standout singles “Canal Street” and “No Shorts” with Sink or Swim featuring El Camino.

Shitao – Mono

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Shitao dives headfirst into interplanetary wanderlust after being marooned in space on the new album Mono featuring art by Patrick Horvath.

Mono by Shitao

goldenbeets – Sommelier

Source: Artist

Producer and Portland representative goldenbeets follows the singles “slumpt” and “post mortem” with his latest titled Sommelier.

Sommelier by goldenbeets

DJ Invasion – The MADPLANET EP

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Back with another masterful blend tape, DJ Invasion combines Planet Asia and Madlib on The MADPLANET EP.

The MADPLANET EP (Planet Asia x Madlib) by DJ Invasion

DJ Filthy Rich – Reasonable Doubt 25th Anniversary Mix Vol. 1

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DJ Filthy Rich follows a De La Soul tribute mix with a set celebrating 25 years of Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt.

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