Monica Calls 50 Cent “Petty King” Over Tiny Gift To His GF

We all know that 50 Cent is a petty man, but we’re learning the extent of his pettiness this week after his girlfriend Cuban Link, real name Jamira Haines, called him out for buying her a tiny, tiny purse

“This the typa sh*t he get me when he mad at me,” said Cuban in her caption, showing off the pink clutch. “Wth I’m supposed to do with this lil sh*t CURTIS!!!!!! stop playing w. meeee..”

Calling her boyfriend “#petty” to conclude the caption, fans and friends of the couple were quick to comment on Cuban’s picture. Everybody, including Monica Denise, agreed that Fif was being petty by doing this.

Romain Maurice/Getty Images

“He the petty kingggggg [laughing emojis],” wrote Monica, reminding Cuban of what she signed up for when she moved in with Fiddy.

While she may have gotten a small purse this time, she can be expecting plenty of bags in the next few years. Fif has been working extremely hard to develop the Power universe, presenting hyping up Power Book III: Raising Kanan, which was renewed this week for a second season before even airing any episodes. He’s also been named as the producer of the upcoming series Unrapped, as well as many other shows. There’s isn’t a shortage of projects that 50 has his hands in, so Cuban Link can likely expect a replacement bag in the coming days.