Mustard Updates His Studio Rules & Brutally Roasts Fans

Hip-hop fans are already familiar with Birdman’s old rules for the Cash Money Records studio, and Mustard made sure to tell his fans about his own studio guidelines last week. Some of the rules listed on Mustard’s studio door have been widely criticized across social media,¬†prompting the Grammy-winning producer to officially update his list, specifying some of the previously laid-out orders.

Uploading a photo of “Mustard’s Studio Rules 2.0,” Mustard explained that he shared the list “for all you haters on the internet that’ll prolly never ever make it to my studio.”¬†

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

The first rule, which was the most controversial, remains intact. “DO NOT COME IN MY STUDIO IF YOU UGLY,” insists Mustard. “This has nothing to do with how you look,” specified the producer. “It’s about the energy you are putting out. Yes, there is such thing as an ugly attitude and personality. So if your energy ain’t right — stay yo ugly ass at home!! Your soul is what’s going to shine here.”

His second rule, which was also widely disputed, orders all studio guests to only enter if they’ve exercised that day. “This rule is to motivate,” says Mustard. “I’m not perfect… but I’m not who I was back then… I’m always trying to better myself… And yes, I hit the gym everyday. *And post some new pics of me or I will sue yo ass for defamation of character Lmao!!”

He also provided clarification for his fifth rule about simply being happy to “breathe the same air” as the Grammy-winner, adding, “I’m grateful to do what I love everyday. So after all of my accomplishments this is my attitude. When entering my space the expectation is that you share the same mindset that I do — learn and progress. Remember: the wisest man knows he knows nothing.”

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

The updated list of studio rules comes after Mustard brutally trolled some of the critics on his first post, who called him out for supposedly violating the rules himself, including the first and second ones. Check out the new list below, as well as his videos against fans.