Nelly Keeps It Moving With “High Horse” Featuring Benny Blanco & Breland

Nelly may have shifted his genre of choice over the years, but albums like Country Grammar and Nellyville have forever cemented him as a hip-hop legend. Now, Nelly is gearing up for the release of his new country-inspired album Heartland, setting the stage with the Benny Blanco & Breland-assisted single “High Horse.”

Seemingly tailor-made for radio play, Nelly’s latest may not be for those seeking a return to “E.I” or “Midwest Swing.” But for those who can appreciate an artist making the music they want to make, “High Horse” is a feel-good return for the diamond-selling St. Louis native. It’s also an important one for Nelly, who opened up about some of his inspiration behind the upcoming project during an interview on Apple Music’s Land Of The Bre. 

“I hope it opens people’s eyes up as far as some of those minds that might’ve been closed to having the idea of Black folk being in country as much as possible,” he explains. “But then also inviting more Black artists that are into country. Because I don’t know if they know, but we’re everywhere!”

Check out “High Horse” now, and show some love to Nelly in the comments below.


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