NFTs & Sneakers Collide – $10,000+ for OG 1985 Chicago 1s NFT.

Sneaker NFTs are now available on OpenSea, the marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles. 

It was just a matter of time. The sneaker game is a machine. It revolves around the pursuit of the holy grail and a mere chance of acquiring a rare drop. Whether it’s through the draws on SNKRS app or the constant search on secondary marketplaces like Goat, Kixify, or Stockx, sneakerheads are keen on the hustle and market trends when it comes to rare pieces.  

My latest discovery came when I was looking at the valuations of mutant apes, pudgy penguins, and crypto punks. I was mind-blown. I started digging in further and further and I was appalled. I had to step out of the sneaker game to realize that the basics of this NFT craze had major parallelism with the sneaker world. It’s supply and demand on steroids. 

But still, I couldn’t wrap my head around it fully. I tried my luck and wondered if I could find something more relatable. And voila, that’s when I stumbled about SNKR Punks. As described by the founder, SNKR Punks are “a collection of coveted highly sought-after sneakers floating around the ETH blockchain.” The early adopter in me jumped up excitement. Two worlds collided and became one for me. 

OG Air Jordan 11 Concord NFT

After looking into SNKR Punks, it seems each NFT is a one of one. They are posted with a couple of properties like Release Type, Status, and Year of release. I found some OG pairs and some re-releases and the price difference was quite obvious. An OG pair of Air Jordan 11 Concord is going for 1 ETH. Meanwhile, a 2020 release of the Jordan 13 Flint is listed at a mere 0.1 ETH (almost 1/10th of the price). – Cleverly, the Flints are labeled as Rookie, and Concords are labeled as Hall of Fame status which I found a little amusing. 

The most expensive sneaker NFT in the collection is of course the OG Air Jordan 1 from 1985 and is selling at a whopping 3 ETH which is the equivalent of $10,305.45 at today’s rate.

OG Air Jordan 1 NFT

That’s CRAZY! And if that wasn’t enough to make your head spin, the developers are currently working on wearables for Decentraland. Imagine that. Your avatar wearing the Red October Yeezy’s (one of one) in a complete cyberworld. Yikes!

View all the sneakers available in the collection here: SNKR Punks NFTs

Nike Air Mag NFT

Nike Yeezy 1 Blink NFT