Nivea Says Lil Wayne Convinced Her To Quit Music, Promised To Take Care Of Her

Nivea and Lil Wayne have a complicated history together. Their story dates back to 2002, around the time Wayne had released 500 Degreez and Nivea was at the height of her career. While the two share a child now, they were once engaged with plans to get married on two separate occasions. 

Scott Gries/Getty Images

During a recent interview on Kandi Burress’ On The Note, Nivea covered a plethora of topics from her time in the industry as well as how her relationship with Wayne led her to quit her career. She said that Wayne initially tried to do a song with her following the success of “Don’t Mess With My Man” but he admitted later on it was simply to get her number. 

She said that the two began dating and things got serious quickly. Eventually, Wayne pushed her towards quitting her career and told her that he would take care of her. “He said, ‘come be with me. I got you,'” Nivea recalled. She said that she eventually sent in a letter to her label revealing that she would be quitting music entirely.

“I’m just sitting there, like, being a housewife… and you know, Reginae for very young,” she said. “All of a sudden — this is kind of funny — he was like, ‘I ain’t never stay in an apartment before. Let’s get an apartment.’ So we move out the house and get an apartment but I never realized he did that to move Toya back in the house.”

Nivea said that Wayne later hosted a birthday party where both and Toya Johnson were present. She said that Wayne gave Toya a lengthy speech and later on, she revealed they had tied the knot. 

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