Offset, Cardi B Gift Daughter with $250K Richard Mille Watch and More

Offset and Cardi B are proving that money is no object when it comes to their daughter Kulture. 

On Saturday, the couple’s daughter, Kulture, turned three and the rapping duo threw a fairytale-themed birthday party in her honor.  In a clip of the event, Offset gifts his daughter with a Richard Mille watch which reportedly costs two hundred and fifty thousand-dollars. 

Cardi B also posted several videos with Kulture, as she presented an iced out Cuban link chain that featured Kulture seemingly excited for her gift as she let out an excited laugh.

The Diamond pendants attached are laced with a pink iced out Birkin bag, Minnie Mouse, Chanel logo, and her initial K.

She look so cute

— Cardi B Charts |Fan Account| (@CardiBChartRoom) July 12, 2021

Some fans were quick to criticize the lavish gifts from Offset and Cardi B. Many confused as to why a toddler would even need a watch, much less one that costs a quarter of a million dollars. While others were in full support of the over the top celebration for their little ones day.

Why does Kulture have a Richard Mille watch?

She is 3.

You know what…. Nevermind

— Petty Slimane (@LilAioli) July 12, 2021

The way Cardi gaze at kulture with so extensively love they love their baby girl #kulture3 @iamcardib @OffsetYRN

— i_son_bitches (@type_shit_) July 11, 2021

In addition to the expensive watch and Diamond charmed necklace, Kulture is also the proud owner of a Birkin bag.

What’s the best birthday gift you ever received? Share your thoughts below.

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