Peter Rosenberg Believes Joe Budden “Will Burn Every Working Relationship He Has”

The podcast wave has been in full effect for years but as time progresses, we’re seeing more artists and rappers launching their own series. It has proven to be lucrative, but within Hip hop culture, the podcast that has made the most noise in recent months is Joe Budden’s show, especially after his longtime friends and co-hosts, Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay, parted ways, somewhat bitterly. During a recent appearance on the Higher Learning Podcast, Hot97’s Peter Rosenberg spoke about his involvement with The Joe Budden Podcast while giving his opinion on the Love & Hip Hop star’s attitude.

When asked who he believed was responsible for The Joe Budden Podcast “divorce,“, Rosenberg took a moment before answering. “It’s always Joe,” he said. “I love Joe, but that’s—I didn’t listen to every little clip of them talking sh*t back and forth… It’s Joe’s fault that they broke up, I don’t care what the story is.”

Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer / Getty Images

Rosenberg added that Joe gave Rory and Mal “a f*cking career” but stated, “Joe’s an asshole and he will eventually burn every working relationship he has until he figures out why he acts like an asshole.” Yet, Rosenberg said even if Rory and Mal launched a podcast five years ago, they would still only have “18 listeners” because they’re “talented guys that Joe put on.”

After lamenting over the “bros” who stan Joe Budden, Rosenberg revealed he started the podcast in his apartment. “Me, Joe Budden, and Marissa Mendez,” said Rosenbenberg. “I’m the first voice ever on the podcast and my logo is on the first fifty episodes of the podcast. I’m just an idiot who everyone thinks ’cause I’m Jewish I must be sitting on bags of cash, but I actually am just talent and have no business sense at all, so I didn’t handle it at all.”

Lathan questioned whether it was “fair” for Rosenberg to say he started the podcast, so the radio host clarified. “I’m not saying I’m owed anything, and I’m not saying Joe wouldn’t have done it anyway, ’cause he’s a great broadcast talent… But at the same time, you tell me.” Rosenberg detailed how he got a studio and an engineer for the podcast and he’s the first voice on the first episode. 

Check out the full episode of the Higher Learning Podcast below and watch Rosenberg somewhere around the halfway mark.