Pink Siifu Drops Off “Lng Hair Dnt Care”

Pink Siifu is gearing up for the release of his new album GUMBO! — complete with guest appearances from The Alchemist and Lance Skiiwalker — due out for release on August 3rd. Now, Siifu has dropped off a single from the album, “lng hair dnt care,” which clocks in at an impressive five-minute runtime. 

Siifu fans are quite possibly familiar with the track already, being that was originally included as part of the Adult Swim Singles 2021 program. Musically, the production of Ted Kamal is synthy and atmospheric, a non-invasive backdrop for Siifu’s unfettered delivery. “Brody always tell me invest,” he raps, his delivery quick. “Fuck a bitch gone get a check, fuck them n**gas, gon get a check.”

It’s certainly an interesting listen from Siifu, who has consistently kept it refreshing with his original approach. Expect further innovation on GUMBO! when that drops at the beginning of August.  


Brody always tell me invest
Fuck a bitch gone get a check, fuck them n**gas, gon get a check