Pop Smoke & Future Are Naturals On “Mr. Jones.”

Pop Smoke’s self-titled album was released last night, his second posthumous project following Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon. Like its predecessor, Pop Smoke is replete with guest appearances, perhaps through necessity given the limited supply of material from the late superstar. And while some collaborations might feel disingenuous to some, it also highlights how universally respected Pop truly was.

“Mr. Jones,” not to be confused with the Counting Crows classic of the same name, features a guest appearance from Future, who also contributed to Shoot For The Stars. This time, the pair take to a hypnotic instrumental cooked up by JW Lucas, CashMoneyAP, Foreign Teck & LosTheProducer. The mysterious beat adds an alluring layer of mystique; not menacing, but vaguely melancholic. Both rappers know exactly how to plan their approach, with Pop and Future alike delivering laid-back but fluid reflections on high-life hedonism. 

Despite being relatively low-key, “Mr. Jones” is an easy standout for those looking to kick back and catch a vibe. Pop Smoke and Future sound like kindred spirits on wax, sharing interests as well as cadential similarities, and it’s too bad they’re not able to further explore original material. Celebrate the late Pop Smoke by giving “Mr. Jones” a spin.


Smokin’ out a pound, drink out the bottle
Mermaid, pussy taste like some water
Jimmy Choos shoes, Manolo Blahniks
Copped the new jewels just for the fun of it