Pouya & Kxllswxtch Set The Dancefloor Ablaze With “Burn”

These days, rappers are becoming increasingly unafraid to experiment with different genres, with the SoundCloud hip-hop scene being among the most flexible in that regard. Today, Pouya and Kxllswxtch have connected to release “Burn,” a CRONiK-produced track that finds them trying their hand at a sort of dance-rock hybrid.

Over an uptempo blend of chugging guitars and crisp drums, Pouya and Kxllswxtch set a tone with a catchy, infectious melody. Though certainly different from what one might expect, it’s genuinely well done, with both parties sounding comfortable over the live arrangement. It’s likely that this song would translate quite nicely to the stage, especially with a full band backing both vocalists. 

Of course, those who remain unwaveringly rigid in their tastes will likely find no pleasure here. For those who do enjoy a bit of experimentation, however, give Pouya and Kxllswxtch’s “Burn” a spin.


I think of the moon in the sky
Dark like a silhouette, alright, alright
Just wanna lie down
Just the world is burning right now