Rapper Kris Wu, One Of China’s Biggest Stars, Accused Of Sexual Abuse: Report

One of China’s biggest stars is watching his career crumble after allegations of sexual abuse were released. Kris Wu, 30, is a Chinese-Canadian entertainer who has gained popularity as both a rapper and actor, and his successes have caught attention from brands like Porsche and Louis Vuitton. Wu’s scandal began to unravel after a 19-year-old fan named Du Meizhu alleged that he invited her to his home when she was 17 with claims that she would be attending an audition.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Meizhu accused Wu of giving her alcohol and after she blacked out, had sex with her. The teen reportedly gave an interview stating that she is aware of several other women, eight in total with two being minors, who have similar allegations against the star. It is important to note that in China, the age of consent is 14.

Cassidy Sparrow / Stringer / Getty Images

The backlash has been heavy for Kris Wu and the tabloids have been sharing interviews and stories round the clock. The Global Times reported that Meizhu was paid approximately $77K to keep quiet, but she allegedly said she will give the money back because she wants to take the singer-rapper to court. Her tell-all interview has also reportedly been viewed 1.6 billion times, helping to keep Wu’s name at the top of China’s social media searches.

“I only met this woman once on Dec. 5, 2020 while with a group of friends… I declare I have never done anything like ‘selecting concubines,’ coercing women into sex, drugging people to rape them, or engaging with underage girls!” Wu reportedly said. “If there really had been this behavior, I would certainly willingly go to jail.”

The public scrutiny has been harsh, with many reportedly calling for Wu to be kicked out of China. He has lost several sponsorship and endorsement deals, as well. Bvlgari, Kiehl’s, Lancome, Vatti, and Porsche, have all reportedly hidden or removed posts that involve Wu and it’s reported and many others have dropped him in the last few days.

Wu continues to adamantly deny the accusations and reportedly stated that he planned on filing a defamation lawsuit against his accusers.