RetcH & Dave East Getty Gully On “Devil On My Back”

RetcH and V Don make music that makes you want to rob somebody. Case in point: “Devil On My Back.” The new single, featuring Dave East, is beautifully gully. If the East Coast had a theme song in 2021, it would sound something like this track. An eerie chime and a harsh horn pepper the background as furious percussions dominate the track. Creepy sound effects make their way in and out of the foreground of the instrumental as well, creating an atmosphere that feels electric. 

“RetcH and East spazzed on this; another grimey standout from the tape,” V Don told Complex. RetcH added, “‘Devil on My Back’ came together so smoothly. I think V had part of the song done already when we were in the ‘A’ recording. He played it for me and I had to hop on it.” He added: “This beat really set the tone for the project as a whole.”

Quotable Lyrics
Devil on my back, so I try finding God
Sold a couple packs, my nigga, time was hard
Lining up these targets just to knock ’em off
Taking trips, ain’t pack no luggage, tryna find a mall
Shopping when I land, came from chopping grams
Cops hop out them vans, think they got my mans