Richard Sherman Home Surveillance Video Released; Shows Richard Attempting To Break Down In-Laws Doors [Video]

Home surveillance footage shows Richard Sherman attempting to break down his in-law’s doors which ultimately led to his arrest for burglary domestic violence.

Source: Otto Greule Jr / Getty

Richard Sherman’s burglary domestic violence case has taken more turns and twists than anyone saw coming days ago. Yesterday it was revealed he was involved in a DUI hit and run where he was caught by construction workers going down the wrong side of the road before he hit struck an object causing major damage to his car. The 911 call was released that painted an even darker picture that Richard was also having a mental health crisis. The video of him trying to enter the home has been released and according to TMZ, it’s a miracle the door is still in one piece.

You can see in the clip — first posted by KIMA — when Sherman could not get into Moss’ home … he shoved the door with his hands, and then crashed into it with every fiber of his 6-foot-3, 194-pound frame.
When that didn’t work … Sherman stood in front of the door — and appeared to challenge Moss to come outside and confront him.
“Come through, bitch!” Sherman said, before repeating “Come through!” over and over and over again.
Moss appeared to try to talk to Sherman from behind the locked door … but Richard responded, “I don’t give a f*** about what you’re saying! Open the door!”
“That s*** cute from behind the door,” Sherman continued. “Come through! That s*** real cute!”
It looks like Sherman then attempted once more to get into the home … and when the door still wouldn’t open, he shoved it violently several more times, before walking away.

The best scenario is that the door didn’t break because this could have ended worse for everyone involved. Hopefully, Richard gets the help he deserves because indirectly he seems to be asking for it in a very wrong way. You can watch the full video that leads to his arrest below.