Rico Nasty Rocks Out On Love Ghost’s “Wolfsbane”

Rico Nasty’s explosive flow and delivery has always made her a prime candidate to explore heavier musical genres, and today, the former XXL Freshman has connected with Love Ghost on their new single “Wolfsbane.” It’s but another example of today’s new generation of young rappers experimenting with new styles, and here, Rico uses the opportunity to explore a direction that’s been of particular interest to her.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, she explained that her contribution to “Wolfsbane” stemmed from a desire to get into her “rock bag.” “I love when bands want to bring me into their world and let me rock out,” she explains. “The production behind this song is fire. It gives two different vibes when the beat switches, bringing a hard-rock element.”

That’s not to say the hip-hop elements are removed entirely, represented here by the presence of up-tempo percussion — though to be fair, drums of that nature have become so ubiquitous in different genres it’s becoming hard to associate them with hip-hop anymore.

Check out Rico Nasty’s heavy new collaboration with Love Ghost now. 


Fuck you, I don’t need you
If you try to make me bleed, you gon’ bleed too
And these n***as be so fake, they so see-through
I bet you gon need me before I ever need you