Rico Nasty Shows Her Versatility With The Pop-Friendly ‘Magic’Rico Nasty Shows Her Versatility With The Pop-Friendly ‘Magic’

Ever since her arrival on the scene, one of Rico Nasty‘s greatest strengths has been her chameleon-like versatility as she shapeshifts to suit any number of different styles. While she’s primarily noted for the chaotic punk-rock energy of songs like “Smack A Bitch,” she’s consistently shown that she can’t be limited to just being a screamo rapper and with her latest single, “Magic,” she stretches those creative muscles once again to show the world that she’s just as capable of making a club banger.

Incorporating some vaguely Mediterranean wind instruments and a sparse beat with a whole lot of swing, Rico’s latest is a swaggering, flirtatious celebration of a solid romantic relationship with plenty of pop appeal. If it seems like a huge departure from her more aggressive material like “OHFR?” and “STFU” or more straightforward trap-rap fare like “Don’t Like Me” or “Own It,” it only shows that she can fit any formula and make it work for her — and fill in the gaps in her stylistic palette, adding in easygoing danceable pop hits to draw in more fans who might not have jibed with her more challenging stuff.

And that’s a good thing for Rico as she prepares to release a new mixtape and build on her already impressive buzz, raising her profile even further as she steps into the stardom she’s worked so hard to attain.

Listen to Rico Nasty’s new track “Magic” above.

Rico Nasty is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.