Ruby Rose Says She Realized She Was Allergic To Latex While Filming “Batwoman”

Ruby Rose, who announced that she was quitting CW’s Batwoman series ahead of season 2, last year, says that being “allergic to latex” played a significant role in her decision. Rose discussed her departure in a new interview on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“I did find out that I was allergic to latex,” she told the hosts. “I was getting worse and worse, because as you get more contact with it, I guess you get more reactions. I took off the [mask] at the end, and my face was just hives. My throat was all messed up.”

“It was like it was out of a scary movie,” she added.

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Rose also sustained injuries on set while filming for the show. Last August, she referenced not taking enough time off to recover being another reason for her exit.

“I had my surgery and then 10 days later I went to work, which maybe wasn’t the best idea,” she said back then. “Most people take about a month or three off before they return to work, so it was definitely made more difficult by that. But as far as being a lead of a show or a film—regardless if it’s action or if it’s emotional—in whichever ways it’s taxing.”