Russell Westbrook Unveils His Lakers Jersey

Russell Westbrook was one of the biggest stars to watch throughout the offseason as fans expected him to request a trade out of Washington. While such a request was never made public, fans ultimately heard about his displeasure in D.C. due to reports that he was going to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers gave up Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Montrezl Harrell for Westbrook, which turned out to be a fantastic deal for the purple and gold.

Westbrook is friends with LeBron and it has been reported that both players have been discussing this move for quite a while. LeBron knew his Lakers needed a third superstar to round out the roster, and now, they have him.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

With Westbrook arriving in Los Angeles, fans have been waiting to see his Lakers jersey. They have also been waiting to see if he would take the number 0 which had been worn by Kuzma over the past four years. As Westbrook revealed on his IG story today, he will be taking the number 0, and there is no doubt that his name looks good written out in Lakers purple.

If you are a Lakers fan, Westbrook’s jersey might prove to be a must-cop piece of attire, especially if he gets off to a hot start with the franchise. Some fans are worried about spacing, however, Westbrook, Davis, and LeBron all have the same goal which should be conducive to some great chemistry.

Will Newton/Getty Images