Russ’s Consistency Never Ends With “Cheers”

Russ’s consistency sees no end in sight with “Cheers”, his 11th single since the beginning of May. Though he’s been saturating his fans with a new single every Friday since “Small Talk” dropped in early May, he has yet to substitute quality for quantity– and “Cheers” is yet another example of this. The smooth and casual track finds Russ transitioning seamlessly between polished singing and breezy bars over a pleasant guitar loop. 

“I love when it comes together, I felt bad now I feel better” perfectly emulates the message of the song. Russ seems to have reached a productive and peaceful zone in his life as he raps about being proud of his accomplishments and living the life he’d always wanted to live: “Cheers to this, I ain’t gon’ lie, I waited years for this, shed tears for this, So cheers to this, yeah”. The easygoing boom-bap beat provides the perfect canvas for Russ to as he dives in and out of a flow reminiscent of early Drake.

The singing passages are also a pleasant touch, and as a whole the song sounds like a tranquil Summer day.

What do you think of Russ’s string of singles? Let us know and check out the song below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m nearly toasting some, I’m gonna roll it so we roll in some (come on)
So many cities where my name rings bells, everybody in my family don’t pay no bills
They don’t have to, I got that covered, tequila and a champagne glass all summer