Sara Molina Says 6ix9ine Tried To Use His Daughter As A Prop In Trial

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s made several enemies during his time on earth but perhaps the most significant one is the mother of his child, Sara Molina. Their relationship issues have bled into the public eye and also became a focal point during his trial. The rapper’s relationship with Molina deteriorated long ago but it seems so has his relationship with his daughter

During a recent interview with VladTV, Sara Molina explained that the rapper hasn’t even attempted to get in contact with her or his daughter since his release from prison in 2020. Molina confirmed reports that Tekashi had been attempted to use his daughter in court as a prop and it began with a phone call from the rapper’s mother.

“Since the time he was locked up until that time [he went to court], we had no communication and the one call we did get after like, a whole year, was his mom saying that he’s gonna get sentenced on Wednesday and if she could see the baby. That’s it. If she could have the baby to go with them to court,” she said.

Molina said that she refused to allow their daughter to go to court to see her father’s sentence, largely because it was radio silence on his end up until he had to face trial.

She then dived into the topic of child support which she said 6ix9ine hasn’t paid or even offered. She said that she’s tried to get child support on three different occasions only to have issues with the paperwork. Vlad responded by saying that the rapper is a regular citizen who pays taxes since he continued to get paid off of rap. In response, Molina said that 6ix9ine was the furthest thing from your ordinary citizen.

“He’s not just a regular tax-paying citizen. He’s government property. That’s how I see him. I see him as government property,” she added. “I see him as someone who’s always going to be good no matter what type of trouble he gets into, at this point. So, things like child support and stuff like that can easily get lost in the system to his benefit. I don’t know how that works. I don’t know how I can bring myself to the child support office three times and still get nowhere.”

Peep the full interview below.