Snoop Dogg Addresses His Doppelgänger With New Photo

Podcast host Mat George went viral this week by sharing a picture of his mother meeting the one-and-only Snoop Dogg. However, as fans were quick to notice, the man in the photo wasn’t actually the West Coast rap legend. Instead, his mother had snapped a shot with a famous lookalike named Eric Finch.

As reactions continue to pour in regarding the humorous picture of George’s mother with Snoop’s doppelgänger, the man himself has addressed the situation, sharing a new picture with Finch and asking fans to guess which one is the real D-O-G-G.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

“Which Dogg? Left or Right…make ur pick,” wrote Snoop on Twitter, posting a picture with his twin in matching outfits. Despite it being clear that Snoop wasn’t the man in Mat George’s mom’s picture, George realized that he was wrong, writing back, “I refuse to tell my mother the truth… She was so excited.”

In other Snoop-related news, he recently celebrated his twenty-fourth anniversary with his wife, who was also freshly appointed as his business manager. The rapper has also been spotted in the studio with DaniLeigh and plenty of others. Additionally, Snoop took on a role at Def Jam as a senior strategic advisor. Snoop keeps on getting booked, and his doppelgänger is surely doing well for himself too.