Soulja Boy Gives Candy-Selling Boys A Bankroll After DaBaby Gets Flamed Online

Soulja Boy is a man of the people. The first rapper to do just about everything, the decorated 30-year-old artist added to his resume by becoming the first rapper to appropriately share his wealth with hustling kids selling candy, handing them “a bankroll” and letting them keep their inventory.

This week, Big Draco uploaded a video of himself handing multiple bills to a couple of boys that were selling candy on the street. He made sure to capture the good deed on camera, exclaiming, “Count up! And I don’t want the candy! First rapper to give a bankroll and let ’em keep the candy.”

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

This comes just days after DaBaby was flamed online for a similar exchange. However, instead of blessing the kids with some of his money, Baby thought it would be more appropriate to teach them a lesson, showing them that he wouldn’t be out-hustled. The teens asked Baby for $200 for their full boxes of candy, but when the rapper realized that their stash wasn’t worth that much, he handed them $4 and walked off with two singular bags. Ever since, he’s been getting flack on social media. Clearly, Soulja Boy wanted to prove a point by making sure he gave some money to the candy-sellers in his neighborhood, one-upping DaBaby.

Watch the video below. Shout out to Big Draco.