Soulja Boy Rages Against DJ Vlad: “You Asked Me That P*ssy Ass Sh*t”

The first rapper to go viral has created another moment that has caused several online conversations. Just yesterday (July 12), we reported on Soulja Boy calling out an unnamed foe while chatting on Clubhouse. The rapper didn’t appreciate this person speaking about him in interviews, and Soulja refused to name the person because he didn’t want to help make that person famous.

After promising to get even with the unidentified opp, Soulja had more to get off of his chest and took to Instagram Live to share a few thoughts about DJ Vlad. The rapper recently sat down with VladTV for an extensive exclusive interview, but now, Soulja decided to air out a few grievances.

Noel Vasquez / Stringer / Getty Images

“DJ Vlad you a b*tch,” said Soulja. “Why the f*ck you gon’ go interview the n*ggas I shot. You gon’ go interview the n*ggas that ran in my crib. You p*ssy ass n*gga after I let you come into my house and I sat down and I gave you an interview DJ Vlad. I welcomed you to my crib with open arms. You let me ride in your Tesla. You drove me around in your Tesla. I rode in the passenger seat, just me and you DJ Vlad. I thought we had a relationship.”

He added that he felt as if Vlad treated him like a “homie” as they cruised around in the self-driving vehicle. “We really bonded and I gave you the interview and you asked me that p*ssy ass sh*t.” Soulja recalled Vlad inquiring about the break-in and the rapper questioned how Vlad knew about the incident in the first place.

“I gave you a real answer. I told you the story,” said Soulja. “You turned that sh*t into a meme and a joke and said ‘the Soulja Boy challenge.’ Man, you see how many rappers out here dying?!… That sh*t ain’t no f*ckin’ joke, n*gga. I could have been dead if I ain’t shoot them n*ggas.”

Watch clips from Soulja Boy’s Livestream below.