Soulja Boy Signs Skinnyfromthe9 To His Label

Soulja Boy made some major moves this year, officially signing a deal with Virgin Music. He’s sharing the blessings though, announcing this weekend that he signed New Jersey rapper Skinnyfromthe9 to his SODMG label.

Uniting with the rapper over the last few days, Soulja Boy welcomed Skinny to the crew with a brand new chain. “Skinny SODMG,” proudly exclaimed Skinny in the video. “Yo @souljaboy you really my brother 4 life ima make you proud thank you for the opportunity,” he wrote as his caption, posting the video to Instagram. 

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Big Draco has been loudly telling folks all year about being the first rapper to do various things — now, he can tell people that he’s the first rapper to give Skinnyfromthe9 a chance. Despite him having an audience of nearly a million on Instagram, Skinny rarely gets people talking because of his music. Generally, he’s making news for his moves in the streets. 

Last year, Skinny was shot, surviving an attempt on his life. There have also been several viral videos of the rapper getting jumped by his opps, getting his chains stolen from around his neck. Hopefully, he can hold onto his new SODMG chain for a long time.

Do you think Skinny will strive under Soulja Boy’s leadership?